Wind Driven

Set sails in the Red Sea

Rediscovering sailing potentials in Egypt.

Gepostet am 14. Januar 2019

Set sails in the Red Sea

A long time ago, sailboats shaped the history of the Red Sea. Today, replaced by motor vessels, sailboats are almost non-existent. Red Sea Sails recognizes the potentials of the ideal sailing conditions and the ecological benefits sailing will have on the Red Sea.

-Wind driven is onboard, hosting the first skipper trainings on sailing yachts and promoting the region.

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Training of the next skippers.







Shapping a new Seadog(s) community at the Red Sea.



How a charter trip on the Red Sea with best friends can look like: (credits: Leilei productions)

The region in the northern Red Sea delivers with perfect steady winds.



Wide varieties of fish providing tasty meals on the table. Local Reef Guides are helping for the perfect preperation.



Chartwork Red Sea
Navigational skills are important in the region and part of the training.


Waters, full of live:


Steady winds are perfect for Kitesurfing after dropping the anchor in a lonesome bay on an island.